How do Equipment Manufacturers really feel about the Internet of Things?

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Putting IoT to Work.
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Our Maturity Model offers a step-by-step approach to kicking off your IoT project. Use it to navigate IIoT’s complexities and understand its potential for bringing intelligence and new sources of revenue to your business.



Getting to know your business potential starts with enabling your assets to communicate with each other. Once connected, your devices will release data that will give you the chance to learn from your product fleet in the field and start the remote supervision of the entire ecosystem.


To get you started, iQuest experts will lead a Discovery Workshop to help define the business and technology requirements and the implementation process for the IoT solution. Based on that, a Proof of Concept (PoC) is then developed to validate the solution’s positive impact.

Moving to the connected state can be achieved by linking remote devices to the internet through the IoT platform and enabling data exchange between line-of-business assets and enterprise backend services. Although not yet automated, the system allows for Remote Access and provides the basis to set up response processes, triggered by alarms & notifications.


At this stage, your attention shifts more toward analysing and interpreting the data coming from your products and identifying behavior patterns. Now that you’re able to monitor the health and status of your products proactively, understanding their performance becomes critical for being unhesitating when optimisations are needed.


As the automation of your internal processes and integration of backend components begins, iQuest offers both a cloud-based and on-premises device connectivity solution that enables you to build a system qualified to anticipate unexpected failures and schedule predictive maintenance. Better scheduling speeds up the reaction time and reduces the costs related to the unanticipated breakdowns.

Also, through Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning tools, your devices learn to optimise by themselves, equipping your business to avoid downtime altogether and ensure more cost-efficient Servicing and Operations.



When your customers buy a device, they don’t pay for the product; they pay for its value and reliability. Reaching this level implies you are now able to optimise the external value chain and adopt new business models.


Once at this level, the shift from products to outcome-based services seems only a natural step in your evolution. iQuest can help you use your connected capabilities to start selling product uptime rather than the actual product.

Through the Mixed Reality tools we’ll integrate within your system, you will also transform the way you service your products, remotely guiding and assisting customers through the maintenance process. From Over-The-Air deployments of new features and services to fully Remote Servicing, we’ll help you build the power to increase the value of your products years after they are delivered.


Together with our partners we ensure that the solutions we provide are the result of a well-balanced mix of industry-specific expertise with the capabilities of world-leading technology platforms.

We rely on our partners to provide the right tools, while partners rely on iQuest to tailor their technology to the client’s specific needs. iQuest covers an entire suite of integration and development services across all stages of the IIoT Maturity Model.


Our Services

  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Application Development
  • Platform & System Integration
  • Cloud & On-Premise
  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Mixed Reality


Industry of Things World 2018

This September, iQuest will join for the second time the Industry of Things World event in Berlin as a business partner. During the 3-day event, we will meet with delegates to discuss about IoT solutions for streamlining industrial processes, enabling manufacturers and equipment providers to optimise their Operations and Maintenance & Support functions.

As Europe’s No.1 Industrial IoT Show, the event gathers more than 1000 high-level executives, the most prominent players in the Internet of Things scene. The conference focuses on topics such as cloud, robotics, automation, standards, interoperability, security, and data. Valuable transfer of know-how will be dispensed, aiming at reshaping the business strategy.

For a chance to meet, visit us at Booth 8, or get in touch at



23-25 September 2018

Berlin Congress Center

See event page